Safe Removal of Face Paints

Face painting is a fun and exciting experience for most however at the end of the day it will be time to take the face paints off.

All the face paints I use are non-toxic water based cosmetic face paints that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) and the EU (European Union). 

Face paints should be removed with soap and water by the end of the day. Apply the soap first gently.... preferably baby soap. Rub the soap around the face and it sort of turns into a muddy gloop.  Then  take a damp cloth and rinse off with  warm water. Repeat if necessary. 

Do not rub excessively hard. Do not use baby wipes, lotions or chemical removers etc.

If you have any gems or glitter added to your face paint, the non- toxic glue can gently be removed by using baby oil on a cotton bud

Safe Removal of Glitter Tattoos.

Glitter tattoos can be removed with baby oil. Soak in warm water first and then gently rub off. Ideal to have a bath.

Again do not use baby wipes, lotions or chemical removers.